Andrew Razeghi

Andrew Razeghi

Writer, Educator and Expert of Change and New Ideas

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Chicago, Illinois, United States
About Andrew Razeghi

Andrew Razeghi is a writer, educator, and adviser to organizations on growth strategy and innovation. As founder of The Andrew Razeghi Companies, LLC, he works with organizations seeking growth through the creation and introduction of new ideas. His work spans industries - from consumer packaged goods to healthcare, tourism to media, and restaurants to professional sports teams. Moreover, Andrew speaks to thousands of people each year at trade association and organization events on topics ...

Your perspective was fresh and practical. Everybody loved it. In fact, we just received the meeting evaluations and you were one of the speakers with the highest scores (4.8 out of 5!). I think your presentation was excellent!

Salvador Alva - Pepsico Latin America

It was very nice meeting you during our APAF NYC summit last week! Your class on Innovation & Imagination was the best!

Ed Mohtashemi - GE Energy, Nuclear

The CEO Summit gets better and better each year. Andrew Razeghi's session was particularly valuable because we were able to more clearly reach consensus on the critical issues currently facing the industry.

Elly S. Valas - North American Retail Dealers Association

Andrew Razeghi is fantastic! He really motivated our team and gave us exercises that were helpful and insightful in order to apply his teaching. These exercises pushed our teams outside their comfort zones and resulted in creative, memorable learning.

Cheryl Read - Dean Foods

Masterful! Andrew's depth of content and method of delivery were a great capstone to a wonderful week.

Executive Education Participant - Northwestern University
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