Steve & Annette Economides

Steve & Annette Economides Steve & Annette Economides

Steve & Annette Economides Text Reviews

Steve & Annette offer practical and insightful tips on household budgeting in these challenging economic times. They provided sound advice on living frugally and achieving financial indepencence. Our attendees were impressed with their presentation.
Lisa Rice - Library Director - Warren County Public Library
Your family is an inspiring example of how to keep sane in insane times! By being resourceful, spending wisely, looking for and sharing good deals--we can enjoy ourselves and focus on what is really important in life.
Stephen Zipperer--Executive President - Maricopa Community College District -- Professional Staff Organization
America's Cheapest Family is anything but cheap when it comes to great advice and enthusiastic encouragement! We know that thousands were blessed by the Economides' message of hope and freedom wrapped up in practical advice for wise living.
Arielle Corcoran -- Speaker Coordinator - CHS Convention
The group truly appreciated the financial tips on how to lead a frugal and debt-free lifestyle . . . and LOVE IT! The information you shared was excellent and presented in a way that was not overwhelming.
April Taylor - Wells Fargo Bank
We'd love to have you join us again as a speaker--in a larger room next time. Your talks were very well attended, practical and extremely helpful--just like your book. Thank you for helping to make our convention a success!
Vicky Bentley - HEAV Convention-- Virginia