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International Negotiator, High Performance Strategist, Author and Keynote Speaker

About Aldo Civico

In the late summer of 2003, in a high-security prison of Colombia, Aldo Civico met with a top leader of the National Liberation Army (ELN) guerrilla. That first conversation turned into a series of encounters that eventually brought Aldo to become a facilitator of ceasefire negotiations between the Colombia government and the guerrilla. Shuttling between Colombia, Cuba and Washington D.C., Aldo used a variety of sophisticated skills in order to perform under incredible stress, to build trust with ...

In the field of conflict resolution and peace building, I think he is one of the most innovative thinkers and practitioners... His stories are compelling and insightful..

Senator George Mitchell - Former U.S. Special Envoy to the Middle East

Professor Aldo Civico is a presenter with a great impact on the audience. He combines deep and rigorous knowledge on unconventional and most important issues with an always creative focus. His lectures are a guarantee of valuable learning.

Bernardo Kliksberg - Special Advisor to the Bureau for Policy Development of the United Nations Development Program.

Listening to Aldo is both moving and inspiring: the individuals ability to relate to what is being said is a motivator to take action- how ever small or large.

Josie Lianna Kay - United Nations consultant.

Dr. Aldo Civico understands the intricacies of resolving conflict and building peace not just with the critical eyes of an accomplished professor, but also with the calloused hands of a seasoned practitioner.

Adam Levy - MA Candidate at Harvard University

. . . he came to share his experiences of dealing with mafia, guerrillas, and paramilitaries. . . . he managed to apply deep insights not only applying complex theoretical notions, but also making them accessible to his audience as well.

Rainer Gude - United Nations: representative for Initiatives of Change International

Aldo, you are a prize speaker. You talk about listening to stories and you are a consummate storyteller. This morning’s presentation was wonderful. Thank you so much for joining us and sharing your reflections on building rapport and finding your way through a conflict by listening to those who are in the midst of it. Step by step, we may go a long way.

Dr. Julia - Jay College
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