Alan Hobson

Alan Hobson, Cancer Survivors NSB, motivational, Adventurers, Cancer Survivors, Bestselling Authors, Team Building, Peak Performance Alan Hobson, Cancer Survivors NSB, motivational, Adventurers, Cancer Survivors, Bestselling Authors, Team Building, Peak Performance
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Alan Hobson: The Triumph of Teamwork
Alan Hobson: The Force of Focus

Alan Hobson

Mt Everest Climber, Summiteer & Cancer Survivor

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The story of Alan Hobson's life is a breathtaking portrait in passion, persistence and peak performance spanning four decades. He not only reached the top of Mt. Everest on his third expedition only to face the inner Everest of cancer, but he is also the international bestselling author of half a dozen books and has appeared on many national television talk shows, including Oprah. A former nine-time All-American gymnast, marathon runner, hang glider pilot, white water kayaker, cold water scuba ...

Your message of dedication, perseverance and mental toughness was right on target for our employees. Everyone in the room was astounded with the amount of insight and knowledge you possessed about our business and their roles.

Gregory C. Franks - Merrill Lynch

You are an absolute perfectionist and you commit to a speaking presentation the way you commit to an adventure. You do your homework, prepare thoroughly and execute passionately. In short, you reflect professionally what you have done personally.

Bill Tate - TransAmerica

Wow!--that is my word to describe your presentation. You were absolutely amazing and the entire group loved you. Our SVP is still raving about how you so naturally applied your journey to our group's professional journey.

Cindy Campbell-Taylor - The Walt Disney Company

Yours was the best presentation I have ever seen by a speaker. Your words have magical properties . . . there was another side to your presentation that blew me away . . . the utterly sincere humility with which you delivered it.

Matt Taylor, Key Account Manager - Thermo Fisher Scientific, Leicestershire, England

Any organization would benefit from hearing your presentation and from meeting you. Hands-down, it was the best national sales meeting in the 15 years since this organization began and that was due in no small part to you.

Nassib Chamoun, CEO, President & Founder - Aspect Medical Systems, Norwood, MA

. . . none come close to understanding our business model, our products and our culture as you did. I was impressed with your attention to the smallest details about our company. Your research and preparation definitely paid off and it showed--in spades!

Phil Crescenzo, Executive Director - Melaleuca, Inc. Buena, N.J.
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