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Bill Conerly, PhD

Economist and Strategist

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Keynote Presentations

When Will It Feel Good Again? Economic Outlook 2013-2014
Dr. Bill Conerly explores the current economic situation, emphasizing the business implications of economic expansion and risks from Europe.  He looks at the not-always-obvious challenges of managing in a changing economic environment and what executives can do to prepare for the next stage of the business cycle. Using his hallmark humor and an accessible approach, Bill presents his economic forecast tailored to your industry or region, including interest rates, inflation and the latest news.

Business Planning in an Uncertain Economy
A business leader cannot manage the economy nor the many other external factors that impact the firm, but leaders can manage the business’s plans. With good plans, a company can thrive in the fat years and use the lean years to gain market share from careless competitors. This presentation or workshop will help business leaders learn how to do that. The goal is for all participants to be able to help their companies survive harsh events when they occur, as well as take advantage of good fortune when it arises.

The Next Decade: What Businesses Should Do TODAY to Prepare for Tomorrow
Dr. Bill Conerly is an expert on what business leaders should do right now to create a more profitable business future.  Bill looks at the big changes we can expect in the next decade – demographics, globalization, finance, and technology – avoiding speculation as much as possible.  Instead, he relies on business history, current trends and comprehensive research to make his forecasts.  At every step he connects future scenarios with action plans that leaders should put in place now.  Specifics are adjusted for the particular audience.

The New World of Capital
All of us are affected, to one degree or another, by the new world of capital we’re entering, but bankers and borrowers in particular are facing new rules and changing relationships.  Dr. Bill Conerly’s humorous and accessible presentation will help bankers and other finance professionals look beyond the current situation and get ready for “the new normal.” Bill’s programs are essential because they emphasize the issues that should be addressed NOW to prepare for the future.

“Freedom and Prosperity: The Case for Optimism”
In this substantive and inspiring keynote, Bill explains the mechanism for economic growth around the world.  His impeccable research draws from other economists to commentators such as Francis Fukuyama (The End of History) and New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman (The Lexus and the Olive Tree).  Bill connects economic and political freedom with economic performance, leading to a burst of optimism about the fate of the world over the next one hundred years.  He illustrates it all using a few statistics and many stories.

About Dr. Bill Conerly

Dr. Bill Conerly connects the dots between the economy and business decisions. He has the unique combination of a Ph.D. in economics from Duke University and over 30 years’ experience helping companies adapt to changing economic conditions. He has worked in economics and corporate planning at two Fortune 500 corporations and at a major bank, where he was senior vice president. He is currently a consultant helping companies deal with changing economic conditions.

The National Speakers Association has recognized Dr. Conerly as a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), their highest earned designation. One newspaper said, The engaging executive became known for the quick wit he displayed at numerous speaking engagements.”

Dr. Conerly is an on-line contributor to Forbes.com and the author of Businomics, a book about economics for business leaders. He has been interviewed on the News Hour with Jim Lehrer, CNN and local television and radio stations across the country.  He has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune Magazine, and USA Today.

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