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Is there a conversation you’ve been putting off?  Are you in the dark about something important to you?  Shari Harley helps create “candid cultures” in which people can say what they need to, quickly and easily. Candor is asking more questions at the onset of relationships and projects. Candor is stating expectations. It’s talking about things as they happen, not six months later.  Shari is energetic and funny as she shares questions to ask, and an easy process to have that conversation you’ve been putting off!
See Shari’s insight in action in her article: “How to Say NO.”

Dr. Robert Cialdini
Dr. Robert Cialdini is an internationally renowned author on the science of influence. An expert on persuasion, compliance, and negotiation, in his talks he shares practical ideas and actions that audiences put to use to more effectively influence others. His bookInfluence: The Psychology of Persuasion is a business classic.

Michael Staver
Michael Staver is a high-energy “rebel with a cause” who challenges us with refreshing honesty to focus on getting the results we want.  Whether we’re communicating, leading, or resolving conflict,  he helps us cut through distractions, procrastination, and fear, to take action and drive results.  His presentations are filled with laughter – and insights!

Kevin O'Connor
Kevin O'Connor helps people get to the next step in their careers, by moving from communication to connection.  Kevin is entertaining and engaging as he helps people develop skills including influencing others, presentation skills, consensus building, resolving conflict, working with difficult people, delegating,  and team-building.  Kevin works with leaders at all levels, from the newly promoted to the C-suite.

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