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Charlie Plumb was a fighter pilot in Vietnam. Just before he was to return, he was shot down, captured and held captive for nearly seven years. His presentation focuses on the positive aspects of a group of people battling great odds and thriving. He does a wonderful job taking his story and relating it to the work of the people in the audience, explaining how the prisoners who took risks, cooperated and worked together were the ones that survived the experience.

Kevin Davies
In the past decade, extraordinary strides have been taken in our understanding of DNA and the human genome. Kevin Daviesauthor of Cracking the GenomeThe $1,000 Genome, Hollywood film consultant and a captivating and humorous speaker—takes audiences on a riveting journey through the latest breakthroughs in genome technology and precision medicine, and insightfully explains its profound effects on healthcare and society.

Molly Fletcher
Nicknamed “the female Jerry Maguire” by CNN, Molly Fletcher spent nearly two decades recruiting the top athletes, coaches and media personalities. Molly applies lessons learned from her years of experience in the sports industry to the business world, helping audiences discover ways they can be better, create a bigger impact, and foster more effective teams.

Simon Bailey
Simon Bailey, CSP, CPAE, is a former Disney Institute executive who teaches influencers how to improve themselves and change the world. His presentations equip attendees to live authentically and leave them energized to foster teamwork with those around them.

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