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Peter Diamandis is the dynamic chairman and CEO of the XPrize foundation who counsels the world’s top enterprises on how to utilize exponential technologies and incentivized innovation to dramatically accelerate their business objectives. A highly successful entrepreneur and best-selling author, Peter's presentations are laced with insight into the future of technology and how companies can leverage innovation to positively impact the world.

Shirzad Chamine
Why do only 20% achieve our full potential? This is the question that drove Shirzad Chamine to research positive intelligence—the key factor in determining one's performance, stress level and happiness. Shirzad helps audiences identify what is holding them back and equips them with exercises they can easily implement into their lives to grow their performance ability, reduce stress and obtain access to previously untapped mental resources.

Laura Stack
Laura Stack, MBA, CSP, CPAE, has consulted with Fortune 500 corporations for over 20 years in the field of employee productivity. Her ability to help teams harness maximum results in minimum time is bankable. It's repeatable. It's sustainable. And it's game-changing. Business people who attend her presentations invariably leave with the tools needed to achieve maximum potential.
Andrew Tarvin
Andrew Tarvin has worked with more than 100 organizations—including Procter & Gamble, GE, and Microsoft—helping them use humor to be more effective, more productive...and more awesome. His presentations are wildly entertaining while providing priceless information attendees can use in the workplace.

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